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Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?

I was seventeen, sitting at my parents kitchen table & listening to Radio 2, ready to go to work, it must have been about two in the afternoon or so. I remember hearing that the first tower had been hit, but I remember thinking 'oh it'll just be a light aircraft or something', you know, not really a big deal. Then the confusion and fear started to creep in to the DJ's voice as he announced that the second tower was hit and I think it was then I realised we were in the middle of something huge. I kept listening, and then he announced that the first tower had fallen.

I think I switched on the TV briefly at this point and saw the second tower fall live, and then I had to go out the door and go to work like the world was all normal. The atmosphere at work all day was weird - people were freaked out, no one really knew the scale of it or how many more planes there were and it was a bit crazy.

I don't think I'll ever, ever forget where I was during 9/11, those images are - as I'm sure is true for so many people around the world - burned on my retinas, even from 3000+ miles distance.
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UK Marriage Equality Petition

Originally posted by susannah at UK Marriage Equality Petition
The UK Government has just launched the new e-petitions system, offering to debate legislation in Parliament if a petition gets 100,000 signatures.

If you are in the UK and believe that marriage should be equally available to all, regardless of gender or orientation, please consider signing this petition:

Also, if you could help pass it on or help it go viral in any way, that would be great.

There is a Facebook page just launched, to share with friends.

And also you can spread the word on Twitter if you wish.

Anyone got any ideas about how to help it go viral and get the 100,000 signatures?

Reposting fromsubluxate  because this is important. Love is love. I'm going to sign. 
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I wrote a whole post yesterday about rowing and misery and how wet it was. Today, it was equally wet, but thankfully we got on and off the water before the rain really  came down. A surprisingly busy early Sunday morning on the water, actually, two fours, two eights and a pair out besides ourselves. 

My desire to rant hasn't entirely gone away yet. But I'm calmer. S spent the night on my sofa bed last night - we had such a co-dependent evening of pizza, ice cream and DVDs (Whip It, which I really enjoyed due to my not so secret girl crush on Ellen Page). Today, after rowing and a well deserved hot chocolate, I lazed around on said sofa bed watching TV and intermittently getting up to do house-worky things (I'm caught up on my washing, yay me). 

I just watched Dancing On Ice, specifically Rachel Tucker doing 'Defying Gravity' and, wow, girl looks tired. She's an amazing performer with a stunning voice, but some of the notes tonight just weren't there for her at all. It was particularly noticeable at the very end - the last few notes of that song are massive, and she just didn't quite get there the way I know she's capable of (having seen her do it in the stage show). Didn't look like her heart was really as in it as it could have been, and that's not a criticism. Bless her. She's adorable. 

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I'm in the middle of the rest of my TV watching, but I needed to get the TVD squee out there. Oooh and I do have a five questions meme to do, but I'm kinda stuck on the final question for tonight and feeling too tired to think much harder about it. 

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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Glee, Jesse/Tina, "tonight,tonight", FRT

Title: tonight, tonight
Character/Pairing: Jesse/Tina
Disclaimer: Without prejudice, the recognisable characters used herein are the property of Ryan Murphy and Fox and are used without permission and not for profit.
Rating: FRT
Content Warning: None
Spoilers: Generally, season 1.
Summary: Tina's used to having the auditorium to herself this late at night...
Author's Notes: What is it with me and certain departed male VA leads? Anyway. I don’t know where this came from. Also, the references to race don’t reflect my own particular opinions, nor those I genuinely believe Jesse to hold, but in the context of the story, ethnicity is a necessary, valid and, well, key point.

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(You're Going To) Be My Bruise, Jesse, FRM

Title: (You’re Going To) Be My Bruise
Fandom: Glee
Character/Pairing: Jesse (Jesse/Rachel, Jesse/Shelby)
Disclaimer: Without prejudice, the recognisable characters used herein are the property of Ryan Murphy and Fox and are used without permission and not for profit. Please don't sue, I'll give them back (mostly unharmed) and all I have to my name is a mortgage, pretty hefty student debt and a seven-year-old toaster, so a lawsuit would be a real waste of money!.
Rating: FRM, just in case.
Content Warning: Angst, definitely angst. You could read it as dub-con (more so in one case than the other).
Spoilers: Specifically, for the back 9 episodes, I suppose.
Summary: Is this what it feels like to take something that was never yours to have?
Author's Notes: This is a companion of sorts, I guess, to Pretty Lies for A Pretty Life (which was from Rachel's POV). Also, in my head, Jesse/Shelby is canon (but in a borderline abusive kind of a way). That’s basically what you need to know to understand this. Also, I live in a world where 1.15 went a little differently, or, at least in a world where she eventually said yes to him. Yes, title is shamelessly ripped from Spring Awakening. No, I won’t apologise for that.

Unbetaed, so mistakes are mine and mine alone.

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Fi's Tweets

  • 08:57 My own personal 'carrot/stick' approach today - no more caffeine (or internet) until I finish the ground conditions section of my report. #
  • 10:26 OK. Carrot/stick fail. I need tea! But it's half done, so it's not a total loss, right? #
  • 12:08 Just one simple day at work would be absolutely lovely *sigh* Apparently, drilling rigs & I were never meant to have an easy relationship! #
  • 15:28 Did I do something in a former life to deserve this? Did my ancestors pillage Northern Europe or something? Ugh. #
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  • 12:42 I actually missed rowing last night. Feeling frumpy & unhappy today because I missed my exercise :( Since when am I one of those people? #
  • 14:04 @emony2 Totally. Ugh. Would have a been a lovely evening to be out on the river too.... #
  • 16:36 @emony2 Aha. It's like that here today. I think you could probably row (or at least swim) in some of the puddles in the street! #
  • 16:37 @skankyfish I see what you did there! I feel you :( #
  • 16:38 Soooo....more of my West Wing marathon tonight then seeing as being outside would probably involve a wetsuit and scuba gear by now. #
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Easy Come, Easy Go, Glee, FRT/FRM

Title: Easy Come, Easy Go
Fandom: Glee
Character/Pairing:Jesse, Santana (mentions of Rachel & Brittany, but nothing heavy)
Disclaimer:Without prejudice, the recognisable characters used herein are the property of Ryan Murphy and Fox and are used without permission and not for profit. Please don't sue, I have massive student debt, so a lawsuit would be a real waste of money all in all.
Rating: It’s a difficult one, because there’s content that’s not strictly FRT, but it’s not quite FRM either. FRT/FRM (for language & thematic content)
Content Warning: The prompt specifically asks for this to deal with abuse, so there you go - it's not graphic, I just couldn't go there, but it is alluded to. More than once. And anyone who’s heard the particular song this refers to will know what else. Also, I’m still on a swearing kick, so there’s language in abundance, particularly from her.
Spoilers: Up to and including the music contained in the season finale (1.22 “Journey”)
Summary: Everybody's got a story, and hers is sadder than most.
Author's Notes: From a prompt at the glee_angst_meme (in fact, the only J/S prompt I found there). Also, I may have played with the finale just a little bit to make it fit the prompt (i.e. you have to pretend that Santana wasn’t at the hospital when Beth was born).

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  • 10:45 I have developed an odd tremor in my right hand since yesterday. I am mildly concerned, but more irritated than anything - it's annoying! #
  • 12:36 If my mother saw me tearing parcel tape with my teeth, she'd have a fit! Also, parcel tape doesn't taste nice...ugh. #
  • 15:57 @blodeuedd83 Going to see it Sunday. Even if it sucks, be sure to let me know what to expect!! #
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  • 15:10 Why isn't it 5.15 already? Another night on the river beckons :) #
  • 15:19 Statistics *shivers* #
  • 16:41 God, I've gotten nothing done this afternoon that I should. I'm a million miles behind on this report and I Just.Don't.Care #
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